Recent Release DVD

“Over The River… and Through The Woods”

Running Time: 1 Hr 20 min (plus special features)

Only $25.00 (US) + S&H

Recorded LIVE in Petoskey, Michigan at the Crooked Tree Arts Center.

Digitally recorded and mastered by Playtown Sound.

Over The River … .

  1. The Lyin’ Starts Tonight
  2. 4MFTC  Theme Song
  3. Rainbow `Round My Shoulder
  4. In The Nude
  5. Red, Red Bobber
  6. Over The Rainbow
  7. Fishin’ With A Stick
  8. Bass Boat
  9. Amazing Grace
  10. Swing Down Chariot
  11. Mississippi Squirrel Revival
  12. Fish Jive
  13. The Cremation of Sam McGee
  14. Ghost Fish

And Through The Woods

  1. Orange-Colored Guy
  2. Sauna Down By The Creek
  3. Somethin’ Aboutcha
  4. Beer In A Box
  5. Shine On All Them Deer
  6. Beaver Dam
  7. The Hunter Song
  8. Beginning To See The Light
  9. Sixteen Point Buck
  10. Reincarnation
  11. Fish Till I Die

… and much, much, more!