The Four Man Fishin’ Tackle Choir is the Country’s premier Sportsman’s quartet. Their brand of up north humor has allowed them to “worm” their way into audience’s hearts all across the USA & Canada.  Weaving homespun humor and electrifying vocal harmonies together into a winning entertainment experience, it’s no surprise that after just one show with the Four Man Fishin’ Tackle Choir … you’re hooked!  So, if you like to hunt and fish … or if you just like to make fun of those who do … you’ll love this show!

Brand New DVD!

The Choir’s newest release: Over The River… and Through The Woods!

You may have seen “The Choir” live before, but never like this!  With over one-and-a-half hours of homespun humor and electrifying vocal harmonies, you’ll never go hungry again!  Well … that is … if you get their new DVD plus you know how to hunt and fish really well … you’ll probably never starve.


Like Gospel Music?

Check out our music page and enjoy The Choir’s Gospel release … Fishers Of Men!