Looking to add spice to your next special event?

The Four Man Fishin’ Tackle Choir will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.  If you’re looking for high quality entertainment for your event, but you’re not familiar with their “unique” style, be sure to fill out the
Contact Form and request a Promo DVD.

If you’ve already booked “The Choir” for your event, we have provided some materials to assist you with advertising and promotional efforts.




Group Color Photo

This is a high resolution color photo of the quartet.

4MFTC Logo
This is the 4MFTC logo in black and white.

4MFTC Background and Bios
This document contains promotional biographical material on the group and it’s members.

4MFTC MC Intro
This document contains a preferred MC intro.

Pronounce Our Name
This is a primer on how to pronounce our name.


The Four Man Fishin Tackle Choir is proud to a be a member of the



and the Pioneer District Quartet Champions Association (QCA).